Presentation of New Honey

Visit New Honey and you are greeted with a question: “Single, in a relationship, or just curious?” That quite obviously tells you what to expect on the site! So, whatever you are, if you are looking to have an erotic adventure or just a weekend romp, is the place where you can find somebody who shares your point of view!

  • Type of dating : Casual dating
  • Age group : 21-45 y.o
  • Active members : 50,000,000
  • % Men / Women : 48%/52%
  • Free Signup for all
  • Profile Suggestions
  • Search per criteria
  • Mobile compatibility
8.9 /10

Our grade after testing New Honey

From its origin as Lisa18, the rebranded site NewHoney has retained its resolve as a dating site for wild and detached sexual encounters. With a free trial offer where you can use all the premium features for a set number of days, it is worth trying out the site before you become a full-fledged premium member. Women, however, get the privilege of being a full-blooded premium member from day one without paying a penny! The messaging service on the site can be a bit more creative. All said and done, NewHoney is an interesting dating site with all the works and one must sign up and explore the unlimited opportunities presented.

  • Easy sign up and navigation
  • Erotic gallery feature
  • Profile and photo privacy enabled
  • Friendly customer support
  • Messaging could do with innovations

What is newhoney ?

NewHoney is the new version of the site that previously went by the name Lisa18. It retained the user base but updated its brand website.

It is a straight forward dating site for singles or those who are looking to add spice to their sexual lives discreetly and indulge in erotic adventures. You are probably caught in the daily grind and there’s not much to left to spice up your life. Maybe it’s all boredom and you want to get out of the drudgery of a stale relationship.

Whatever the reason, NewHoney will help you get out of the rut and add the missing zing to your life. You can revive the passion again and have all the fun you want and nobody is going to know about it as well. Monogamy is passed, albeit discretely, and it’s time you got out there and enjoyed your heart's content. It’s time you got bold and erotically adventurous and what better way to start than at newhoney !!


Once you sign up for free on New Honey, you will notice that the site has a simple but sleek design. With a predominantly white background, gold is the color of the banners and notification, and other tabs. The top bar has only the login button and other relevant information. The footer area is also gold in color and contains the contact, T&C, Privacy, Business, and Affiliates tabs.

Navigation is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and will pose no problems whatsoever even to newbies. This ensures a great user experience and adds value to the site. Responsive features ensure a seamless experience across multiple devices. But then again the mobile application versions are available for both android and IOS.

The site’s additional features include your ‘erotic type’, and ‘contact proposal’. The erotic type can be set to conventional, adventurous, romantic, or wild. This greatly helps in matching profiles. The ‘contact proposal’ feature automatically sends proposals to premium members’ mailboxes that match your profile. The proposal will mention your gender, age, family status, appearance, sexuality, search region, and your preferences! Yet another feature can be used to blur your photos by unticking the checkbox allowing ‘all women’ to see your picture. However, you can release your photo to those who you choose or to those who request you for a picture.


You can sign up as a free member with a valid email address. The questions you need to answer are as many as eighteen- these are so because matchmaking may be easier. The site starts off asking you for the kind of sexual you expect. Other fields include your gender, relationship status, interest, and so on. They do not miss a detail as they need your height, body type, eye color, etc. It is worth your time answering all these questions because, in the end, it proves to be very helpful when somebody is looking at your profile for matching their likes!

If you are a woman, you have free access to all the features and that is a great way into the site. Men however need to pay up to become a premium member. Your premium plan will automatically renew at the end of whatever the duration you have signed up for unless you cancel the subscription well before the due date.

Customer Service and Security

Customer support is a prime requirement of dating sites and NewHoney ensures its customer service meets the standards required. The support runs to clockwork precision and you can expect the best of service at all times. However, when in need of any assistance it is advised to look through their vast base of FAQs because you are most likely to find answers there.

As far as safety and security are concerned, NewHoney is known for keeping its customer data as safe and private as required. Not only does the site allow members to choose their privacy settings but they also ensure nothing gets out of hand due to member negligence. The payments, too, are accepted through genuinely secure gateways and agencies. NewHoney has also ensured SSL encryption, that too with 256-bit encryption.

Close Your Account

If you choose to cancel or close your account, you may do that anytime. If you need to terminate the membership during a paid term, you need to get in touch with Customer Support. The team will ensure a quick resolution.